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    Publish your event

    Publish your event on RockBee and spread the word, influencing sales by utilizing thousands of sizzling advantages.

    Through a simple interface, create your event page with logos, pictures, and avatar then watch your event grow.

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  • Promote your event

    Use our free tools to promote your event of any type or size.

    Increase the chances of success for your event, integrating with social networks and inviting friends.

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  • <span>Manage</span> your event

    Manage your event

    Track sales statistics and attendees through reports in real time.

    Manage the list of attendees easily, even minutes before your event.

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  • Sell your tickets

    • Reach your goals for your event by selling tickets through RockBee.
    • Receive the money for tickets sold in your bank account once a week, every week until the day of your event.
    • Sell your tickets in installments and receive the same weekly payments.
    • Provide different methods of payment, increasing the number of tickets sold.
    <span>Sell</span> your tickets



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